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All computer network Interview Questions

51.What is HDLC?
Ans: It is a bit oriented data link protocol designed to support both half duplex and full duplex communication over point to point and multi point links.HDLC is characterized by their station type,configuration and their response modes.

52.What do you mean by point to point protocol?
Ans: The point to point protocol was designed to provide a dedicated line for users who need internet access via a telephone line or a cable TV connection. Its connection goes through three phases: idle, establishing, authenticating, networking and terminating.
At data link layer it employs a version of HDLC.

53. What do you mean by point to point protocol stack?
Ans: Point to point protocol uses a stack of other protocol to use the link, to authenticate the parties involved, and to carry the network layer data. Three sets of protocols are defined: link control protocol, Authentication protocol, and network control protocol.

54.What do you mean by line control protocol?
Ans: It is responsible for establishing, maintaining, configuring, and terminating links.

55.What do you mean by Authentication protocol?
Ans: Authentication means validating the identity of a user who needs to access a set of resources.
It is of two types
i)Password Authentication Protocol(PAP)
ii)Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol(CHAP)
PAP is a two step process. The user sends a authentication identification and a password. The system determines the validity of the Information sent.CHAP is a three step process. The system sends a value to the user. The user manipulates the value and sends the result. The system Verifies the result.

56.What do you mean by network control protocol?
Ans: Network control protocol is a set of protocols to allow the encapsulation of data coming from network layer protocol that requires the services of PPP.

57. What do you mean by CSMA?
Ans: To reduce the possibility of collision CSMA method was developed. In CSMA each station first listen to the medium (Or check the state of the medium) before sending. It can’t eliminate collision.

58.What do you mean by Bluetooth?
Ans: It is a wireless LAN technology designed to connect devices of different functions such as telephones, notebooks, computers, cameras, printers and so on. Bluetooth LAN Is an adhoc network that is the network is formed spontaneously? It is the implementation of protocol defined by the IEEE 802.15 standard.

59.What is IP address?
Ans: The internet address (IP address) is 32bits that uniquely and universally defines a host or router on the internet.
The portion of the IP address that identifies the network is called netid. The portion of the IP address that identifies the host or router on the network is called hostid.

60.What do you mean by subnetting?
Ans: Subnetting divides one large network into several smaller ones. It adds an intermediate level of hierarchy in IP addressing.

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