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It contain two sections

1.Quantitative Aptitude (1 to 25 questions).

Important topics in Quantitative Aptitude
a. numbers (5 question)
b. average(2)
c. speed ,distance(5)
d. simple compound interest(2)
e. profit and loss(3)
f. progression (2)

2.Logical (26 to 50 questions).

Section : 1 (Quantitative Aptitude)

1) how many prime numbers r between 1 to 100?
Ans :-25 (1 is not prime)

2)a problem on speed ,distance, time like superman flies at 25mph, spiderman flies at15mph and phantom take 2 hrs to fly from NY to DC. If speed of spiderman is twice that of phantom .and distance between NY to DC is same as distance between NY to Washington (I don’t remember it well) there where couple of question like

3) what is the distance between NY and DC?

4) how long will superman take to travel from dc to Washington and back?

5) I donno remember the 3rd ?

6)the largest no between (7)-(2),(3)+(4),2*(2),6+(2)(X)=square root of X

7)Arrange some numbers in descending order?

Section 2:- Logical Questions

1)a problem on playground i.e A,B,C,D want to play on ground P,Q,R,S.A plays on p and Q. B on Q & R. C on Q and S.5 question where asked on the data


Interview Questions :-

1.Tell me about your self?
Ans: – Example (this is the main part. mention u r name ,birth date , birth place, academic’s 10th ,12th B.E ,the order of mentioning should be ascending, don’t directly start from u r B.E ,also mention u r hobbies, which u pursued in 10 ,12 and B.E ,also mention achievement if any)

2.can u develop database relation schema for a movie theater?

3.what do u mean by normalization?
Ans: about 1NF, 2NF, 3NF etc

4.write a program for Fibonacci series?

5.explained about your project in detailed

6.what about u r family background?

7.which technology r u aiming for career and why?

8.where do u see u r self 5 years from now? u know any recent news about the booming IT sector?

10.any problem shifting to other locations?


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