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Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World | Longest Rivers by Length

Any river is one naturally flowing body of water which is generally freshwater, going towards another river or a sea, ocean and even lake. It is an aspect of the system of hydrology. The water typically accumulates in one river from drizzle through one drainage channel from surplus water at the surface along with other sources, such as springs, groundwater recharge, and preserved water launch an authentic snow peak glaciers and ice. This is one detailed description of the top 10 lengthiest rivers around the globe. 

List of Top Ten Rivers and their length in miles and kilo meters.


Length (Miles / Kilometers )


Nile River

4,132 miles / 6,650 km


Amazon River

4,085 miles / 6,575 km

South America

Yangtze River

3914 miles / 6,300 km


Mississippi River

3900 miles / 6,275 km

North America

Yenisei River

3442 miles / 5539 km


Yellow River

3396 miles / 5464 km


Ob-Irtysh River

3361 miles / 5410 km


Parana River

3032 miles / 4880 km

South America

Congo River

2920 miles / 4700 km


Amur River

1755 miles / 2824 km


Nile River

This river is treated to be the lengthiest river around the globe. The total extent lengthwise of this river is 4,132 miles. Lake Victoria is treated to be the source of the Nile River. This river flows through South Sudan, Sudan, Burundi, the Dominican Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Egypt, and Eritrea. The White and the Blue Nile are the two tributaries of this river.

The Amazon River

Without any doubt, this river is the lengthiest river around the globe by its discharged water volume. But, its rank as the 2nd lengthiest river around the globe is highly debated as the rank has long been acknowledged to the Nile River situated in Egypt. The debate comes up from the decision regarding the origin of this river. A recent study in the year 2014 petitioned that the source of this river can be tracked down to the Cordillera Rumi Cruz.

The Yangtze River

This river is the 3rd lengthiest river around the globe and the lengthiest to flow completely within a country. This river is also the lengthiest in the continent of Asia. The river channels of the Yangtze have 1/3 of the citizenry of the most citizenry region around the globe, which is China. Conventionally the authorities of China acknowledge the Tuotuo tributary situated in the mountains of Tanggula as the source of this river. Yangtze River eventually drains into the Eastern part of the China Sea.

The Mississippi River

This river system consisting of the Jefferson, Mississippi, and Missouri, is considered the 4th lengthiest river system around the globe. This river system flows through 31 States of America along with two provinces in Canadian. The Mississippi River starts from Northern Minnesota. Where Itasca  Lake is considered to be the origin of this river, it drains into the  Mexican Gulf.

The Yenisei River

 This river is the 5th lengthiest river system, along with the most substantial flowing into the Arctic Mediterranean Sea. The Selenge River is considered the fountainhead of the river system. The Selenge River is 617 miles long and cascades into Baikal Lake. The Angara River starts from Baikal Lake near Listvyanka. It goes through the Irkutsk Oblast in Russia and eventually dreams into the Yenisei River at Strelka. The Yenisei eventually flows into the Arctic Mediterranean Sea. The entire length of this river is 5,540 miles.

The Yellow River

It is known as the Yellow River for the hue of its water which is the outcome of a massive quantity of loose silt in its water. This huge river system is also called the Huang He. The basin of this river is treated to be the origin of ancient civilization in China. To this date, it holds huge value for this region both symbolically and practically.

The Ob-Irtysh River

This river is also called the Ob River. It serves as one of the three most valuable rivers of Siberia, the Lena and the Yenisei. This river starts from the mountains of Atlas and ends up in the Arctic Ocean.

The Parana River

Situated in Southern America, this river is one of the lengthiest rivers around the globe, along with the 2nd lengthiest on this continent. Its name is one shortened form of the Tupi articulation para the onava. That is interpreted as “like the ocean.”

The Congo River

Earlier called the Zaire River, this river stretches in one curve throughout the African continent and has the dissimilarity of being the only one flow through the equator twice. It is also the deepest one around the globe, with depths of more than 214 meters in some areas.

The Amur River

Expanding along with the partitions between Russia and northeastern China, this river is also called the Heilong Jiang. It is the 10th lengthiest river around the globe. While the term amur is considered to arrive from one phrase for “water,” the translation of Heilong Jiang in Chinese is “black dragon river.”


Known as the “veins and arteries of this earth,” rivers have molded the path of human advancement around the globe for ages. The rivers offer food along with habitat for wildlife, connect remote villages and regions and offer travel pathways for exploration. But the vast majority of the classical waterways on the chart mentioned above, which wind through numerous time zones and regions, are also exalted in their charm. They are the ten lengthiest rivers around the globe, along with the most cruised and the most critical natural travel routes around the globe. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which is the lengthiest river around the globe?

            The Nile River is the lengthiest river around the globe, with 4132 miles.

  • Which is the most substantial river around the globe?

              The Amazon is the most substantial river around the globe.

  • Which is the lengthiest river in Asia?

             Yangtze River is the lengthiest river in Asia.

  • Which river is the deepest around the globe?

               Congo River is the deepest one around the globe.

  • Which river crosses the equator two times?

             Congo river crosses the equator two times.

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