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You could visit DBMS interview questions and answers at below links

DBMS interview questions and answers Part1
DBMS interview questions and answers Part2
DBMS interview questions and answers Part3
DBMS interview questions and answers Part4
DBMS interview questions and answers Part5
DBMS interview questions and answers Part6

RDBMS Questions

1. What is a Database?
2. What is DBMS?
3 What is a Catalog?
4. What is data ware housing & OLAP?
5. What is real time database technology?
6. What is program-data independence?
7. What is ORDBMS?
8. What is program-operation independence?
9. What is a view?
10. What is OLTP?
11. What is the job of DBA?
12. Who are db designer?
13. What are different types of end users?
14. What are the advantages of using a dbms?
15. What are the disadvantages of using a dbms?
16. What is a data model?
17. What are different categories of data models?
18. What is schema?
19. What are types of schema?
20. What is Data independency?
21. What are different DBMS languages?
22. What are different types of DBMS?
23. What is an entity?
24. What are attributes?
25. What are diff. types of attributes?
26. What is difference between entity set and entity type?
27. What is domain value or value set of an attribute?
28. What is degree of a relationship?
29. What is recursive relationship?
30. What are relationship constraints?
31. What is Cardinality ratio?
32. What is a Participation constraint?
33. What is a weak entity types?
34. What is an ER Diagram?
35. What is an EER?
36. What is specialization?
38. What is generalization?
38. What are constraints on generalization and specialization?
39. What is a ternary relationship?
40. What is aggregation and association?
41. What is RAID Technology?
42. What is Hashing technique?
43. What are different types of relational constraints?
44. What is difference between a super key, a key, a candidate key and a primary key?
45. What is a foreign key?
46. What is a transaction?
47. What are the properties of transaction?
48. What are the basic data base operations?
49. What are the disadvantages of not controlling concurrency?
50. What are serial, non serial?
51. What are conflict serializable schedules?
52. What is result equivalent?
53. What are conflict equivalent schedules?
54. What is a conflict serializable schedule?
55. What is view equivalence?
56. What is view serializable?
57. What are the various methods of controlling concurrency?
58. What is a lock?
59. What are various types of locking techniques?
60. What is a binary lock?
61. What is shared or exclusive lock?
62. What are different types of two phase lockings(2pl)?
63. What is a deadlock?
64. What are triggers?


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